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Breathing deeply

As i mentioned I am pushing hard to finish this month on par. So I didn't call anyone and headed up solo to Balu. So many skin tracks in anydirection, sometimes its hard to choose. I headed up Ursus Minor, which is always fun and the headed down a new direction to set myself up for Video peak. The ridge ski descent was okay and was a great way to link up to Video. Heading up Video peak I was excited to go ski any aspect, but somehow I couldn't resist the untracked north chute. Its been 7 years since I skied this line and it felt great to ease into it. Short but steep I would love to really shred this line under nice light. You could let her go and  just enjoy the speed. Today the light was flat so I skied slowly and enjoyed each turn.

Great times and then a loop back around and up 8812 for the third summit of the day. Good turns off the north side and then down Balu. I had hopes to ski up Grizzly but the day was waning and so were my energy levels.  11500 feet of good times.

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