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Boulder 2/3

Sitting in the Adamants lodge last week, you could watch the sun rise on Downie peak and its neighbour Boulder peaks. This view made me want to hike up and ski around the glaciated summits.

So this morning Aaron and I drove up from Revelstoke, 100 km, and then drove in a logging road 20 km and then looked directly up 6500 feet to the summits. Huge relief. 

We put our heads down and worked up through thousands of feet of great skiing. North facing the snow was good above 4500 feet, still cold and creamy. By 1.15 pm we were on Boulder 3 and looking down its steep north face. We tipped our skis down this 50* face and enjoyed some steep faceted turns.


So much fun to ski a random 50 degree Nface in the middle of nowhere, most likely never skied before. Yah never know though.

We then headed up and skied off Boulder 2, which was excellent and tumbled from the summit down 6500feet to the truck.

What was so great about this tour was the relative lack of bushwacking, none really. we followed a logging road for 30 minutes and then went directly up. Awesome day, epic.   610 000ft

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