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Last laps in NA before SA

Well the week has flown by and I am on my way to Toronto. I was planning on 4 days to bring me to 900 000 but I ended up loosing a bit of psyche and playing golf and going mountain biking. But then I toured a 15 000 foot day and a 12000 footer, which brought me to 880800. So I am 5 days behind and about to go 5 more into debt. All good though, because I will be in Las Trancas Chile by the 19th.

How and why Las Trancas? Well I heard Craig Kelly used to go there,  he was an aquaintance and an amazing man. If he returned there a few years in a row then it should be decent. There are natural hotspings around, some you can ski tour to. Which, has been on my list of things to do for awhile, ski tour, shred some nice lines, drop into a hotspring, relax, and then ski home. There are a couple of volcanoes around and looks like a variety of terrain for me to play on. After a month we will most likely travel to another small town and explore some more.

 I said, WE, because Tracey and the kids are coming with me. A family trip; with a small side mission to accomplish. But I have not seen enough of my kids for the last two months, and I recognize how integral they (&Tracey) are to my happiness, life is a bit empty without them.  Somehow Tracey is accommodating to my strange dreams, and is OK with this.

I have updated greghill.ca, I was always frustrated by how my movies were not organized, now they  are organized into seasons and folders.  I like the new look. I am wondering about moving my blog to this same site, making it an "all inclusive" site. As long as I can keep the 4 years of blogging and information and transfer it all over; it may happen. As it stands this blog is a guide book of sorts to all the peaks I have skied over the years, type in a Selkirk mountain and you will probable get a photo and trip report, which can be pretty useful.

All for now. Time to board my flight to Toronto.

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