It always seems easier to pass by Mt-Klotz and gain the 2000 feet of vertical to the Pass, instead of bushwacking for an hour. But today we chose the bushwack and we were well rewarded. 3500 feet of trees brought us out and into the alpine bowl of Klotz. Gorgeous runs off all aspects, Doug set a perfect skin track up through the moraines and up to the summit while I did a couple of laps to get my vertical. I finally caught up with the gang while they were on the summit.DSC_0768 copy.jpg

We then skied a fantastic rolling run down 2500 feet and toured back up to a high col and skied 6000 ft back down to the car.Dav.jpg

10190 ft, which leaves me 92 to go.


the womb

Spent the morning skinning up and down the Macpherson Fingers, different runs, all decent. Then A group of friends toured by and were on the way to the summit. Knowing that there would be a skin track to the summit I did a few more laps and then followed their track upwards. Up above the cloud layer and onto the shoulder. Tracking them down I caught up to them and then broke trail to the top of the Womb. Knowing I didn't have enough time to go to the summit I dropped into the womb and skied home. Tracey had skied this line pregnant with Charley and now I am skiing it within days of our next child. I can't wait to find out its sex, doesn't matter really. But a daughter and a son would be a perfect little family. We will find out soon enough... 5 runs and 10100 feet later I have 93 days left.


Corbins Pass

One of the larger issues surrounding my goal is to figure out how to balance friends and goals. Because one of the best parts about ski touring is the friends you share these days with. So how do I accomplish my selfish goal while still enjoying days with buddies.

Today I started off the day touring and socializing, we toured to the top of the ridge and dropped down the North Side, Skiing through the fantastic burnt trees that stand back there. Realising, that they were only going to be able to tour one more run, I decided I would lap on more 1300 foot run down the backside. Then I would play catch up and meet them at the top of Helens. I managed the extra lap and then we all skied down together and enjoyed a fantastic avalanche path. When we met up with our skin track they continued down and I turned my skins upward and toured up 3300ft. 10 480 ft of great skiing and then directly home. 94 days to go...


Rogers pass paying off

I am starting to feel more fit, my 5th 10 000 foot day and I managed it in under 6 hours, with 2000 feet of trail breaking. A nice 3000 foot run of Grizzly Shoulder, then a quickie up teddy bear trees, Grizzly chute was screaming my name but I had left my bag thousands of feet lower and was beginning to bonk. So down I went and up to Bruins Pass.

Two clear nights in a row and the surface hoar is building. Setting up for a serious avalanche cycle when it gets loaded with new snow. surface hoar.jpg

I will have to be wary after the next storm.




 Head down and legs pumping I didn't realize I had broken out of the clouds, when I turned and saw the sea of clouds with peaks poking through. Cheezy shot but I can't hide my dorkiness.cooldude.jpg

I then had untracked turns down 8812 bowl. 2800 feet of alpine turns all to myself, and people say its crowded in Rogers Pass! 8812.jpg


Macpherson Fingers

Macpherson Fingers Seemed early to be going to the fingers but with as much snow as we have been getting it definitely worked out. Dave and I started out at 7.45 and had our first run in by 9.30. I had hopes that Dave would ski 10 with me but at 9 his wife toured in with their 10 week old baby and they went for a little ski with him. Kaya is probably too young to realize how great the powder was but who knows he may have. There was about twenty different people out there today but with so many options we didn't ski over many tracks. The recent snowfall added 45cm of fresh powder to an already deep snowpack. The snow is always amazing in Revelstoke but this seems like an extra deep start to the season. Here is my cousin Magee sampling some of the Monashee powder. No complaints! maggee.jpg