first day of the season

DSC_0538.JPGFinally I had my first day out. Typical first day of the season up on Mt-Mackenzie, the future ski hill of Revelstoke. 

At this point my goal seems ridiculous but one day at a time and I will slowly get there.  Why choose to ski 100 ten thousand foot days? In concept it seems like the ultimate backcountry challenge. In reality the first ten thousand foot day seems  daunting enough of a challenge to make me question my goal.

I spent all day touring above Revelstoke, not the ideal first day out. Wind had wreaked havoc on the fresh powder my friends enjoyed yesterday. Where they had skied smooth deep Selkirk snow I was tossed around by upside down windslab. The wind had also compressed the upper snow enough to push the avalanche danger up a few notches.  The moutains warned me to be vigilant.DSC_0541.JPG

 Nine runs and 10 070 ft later I was safe, exhausted and ready to get home to my family.


burnt trees



The feeling of skiing through burnt tress is very tolkien, some of my favorite turns.


still in testing mode

This is a photo brian Goldstone took, I am checking out the size I need to have good looking photos on this blogairtime.jpg


Sunshine 5000

last february I organised Alberta's first ski mountaineering race. A backcountry race where racers endurance is tested along with their ski skills. This race was 4000 ft of up hill skinning with a challenging descent down delirium dive.

here is the link for the movie.  enjoy                  logo final 7.jpg










another test ...

 CAK5G54V 2.jpgPart of this journal is an attempt to thank my sponsors for the fantastic clothing they have given me for years. Its my armour and it has protected me through many storms.