A thanks to all who placed comments, it seems my blog is what I had hoped it was. There is no issue having people, like Jim, express their opinions. We all have our own ideas, and these should be respected. But from all your answers I gathered that I am on the right track, Jim might not believe so but the rest of you do.

Today I was out in the mountains, alone. Alone and comfortable. People have asked me before how I can go out and ski alone and I have had issues answering the question. But when you spend enough time in the mountains, learning its cycles, understanding the physics of snow; you can become comfortable out here.Its not that my "false" confidence is so strong that I feel invincible, its that I know I can rely on myself. Complete self reliance. Being out there today alone, skiing steep tree lines with deep powder, and small cliffs, I cannot let my guard down. All actions must be planned, no misteps or poor decisions allowed.

There is a freedom to skiing alone, do what you want when you want. No questions, no deliberating just personal decisions. The is no doubt that  if something happens you may be Fu&^$#, but that is something that I will do everything to avoid.

Again I do not feel like I have explained anything but I know how great it feels to spend all day skiing powder all by my lonesome self.


from Jim Jones

I just received this fantastic email from Jim Jones

Why can't you eastcoasties just go out and have fun and
 not self-promote? To me your just another dime a dozen
transplant gumming up the west, Appalachian mts, what
a joke. Don't bother responding I won't read your sillyness.

Its an interesting email for me to receive, makes me question
myself and my motivations.

But what I find funny is him dissing the appalachian mts, what do
they have to do with my eastcoastie antics?They were where my
adventures began, I had so many great times running around the
 "Hills" in our backyard. No huge alpine, no thoughts of avalanches,
but regardless lots of great exploration onskis and foot. This comment
makes his email seem more petty.

And yes I do self-promote but I also share and inspire, I hope my
stuff does not come off as egotistical self promotion but more as a
sharing of incredible experiences.

Should I give everyone Jim Jones email and maybe you people can
email him and perhaps he will listen to your silliness?

Apart from that lots has been happening, down in Nelson for the
Coldsmoke festival, a wicked ski down the Face of Ymir with lots of
slough and alpen glow and then some deep powder skiing up the
Asulkan with the Jupiter traverse.

The powder has returned and rejuvenated our psych. 405 000ft


Millions of reasons


Slack country

Well the new snow from the last few days has pushed the values into the critical range and stuff was touchy today. Super touchy. So we searched out some powder skiing amongst the trees off RMR. The skiing was epic, deep and fast but radar was set to high danger. So we had some great turns but always wary of any change in terrain. Anything slightly convex and unsupported would slide and propagate a bit.  The trees were pretty good, 1000-2000 feet of good fall line with pillows all around. Daffys and 30 cm crown lines were the flavour of the day.


Begbie as fast as I could

All day yesterday I kept thinking, that if the skin track was in, I should attempt a speed ski of Mt-Begbie; not a speed ski as in skiing with a little kite, but a fast as I can up and down speed ski. I have no idea what my previous record was but I felt that I could set a new one that would be pretty fast.

So with ski crampons on for some of the woods and my fast set up; Dynafit TLT5's(next years boot), seven summit ski and titanium dynafit bindings, I began running uphill.  All went really well,  our skin track was windslabbed over in the alpine but the boot pack was still in up the ridge. In 2.5 hours I was on the summit and ready to ski down. Wicked turns down the NE face, through the cliff band and out. back to the truck. 2 hours 55 minutes round trip.  7100 feet. It felt great, I could probable take off 10 minutes but pretty happy to have broken 3 hrs.

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